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What We Do

Civiqs operates a nationally representative online survey panel for scientific, real-time public opinion research. With the capacity to complete large numbers of surveys on demand, Civiqs can help you accomplish all of your research needs.

Since 2013, Civiqs has fielded over half a million research surveys, collected more than seven million responses to survey questions, and maintained response rates at double the industry average.

Civiqs Results Dashboard

Subscribe for daily results from Civiqs' polling on over 200 questions of political interest, including election matchups, issue attitudes, approval ratings, and more. Data includes interactive toplines and trendlines within key subgroups.

Daily Tracking Polls

Add a question to the Civiqs daily tracking poll, and never miss an important development. Immediately see when attitudes change, among whom, and by how much. Public opinion is dynamic. There's no more need for data that's static and out-of-date.

Interviewing Services

Civiqs can get answers to your questions as soon as the very next day. Results are fast, accurate, and affordable. You receive rigorously sampled, representative, individual-level data—just as you would from a traditional call center.

Survey Modeling and Analysis

Civiqs does more than just conduct polls. Our research team will perform modeling, weighting, analysis, and reporting on the results of your survey, to help you discover where people stand on the issues and campaigns you care about.

Historical Data and Validation

Once a question is asked to Civiqs panelists, we keep tracking opinions on that question for weeks, months, or years. Our historical polling archive can be used to supplement and validate your existing datasets at the individual level.

Custom Panel Services

Civiqs can build a custom survey panel exclusively for your use, including paid incentives for participation. Use a custom panel to dig deep into a small geographic area, or identify trends among meaningful demographic groups.

All-in-one Experiment Services

Test the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign, door-to-door canvass, phone bank, or online advertisement in the real world. Civiqs will plan, manage, and execute your field experiment from start to finish, to help you measure the impact of your persuasion strategy.

The Civiqs Results Dashboard

The Civiqs Results Dashboard offers an unprecedented level of insight into the views of the American public. Go beyond the national-level numbers to see how individual attitudes are changing within key political and demographic subgroups. New results are released daily.

Subscribers to the Civiqs Results Dashboard receive complete access to the results of over 200 questions that Civiqs tracks every day. Please contact Civiqs to learn more.

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