Civiqs is an independent research company that conducts public opinion polls over the internet. We will never try to sell you anything.

When you enter your email address to participate in future Civiqs polls, you become a member of the Civiqs panel. We use a scientific sampling procedure to select a representative subset of panel members to take each new survey. These panel members will receive an invitation email from Civiqs that contains a link to the poll. A panel member can expect to be invited to take a new poll approximately once every few weeks. These invitation emails are the only emails that we will ever send.

All personally identifiable information submitted by Civiqs panel members—in response to a poll, or upon joining the panel–is used exclusively for research purposes and never for sales solicitations. Civiqs users may be asked to provide a small number of demographic characteristics (sex, race, age, etc.), as well as name and residential location to help ensure that we collect information from a representative sample of all Americans and verify voter registration status. Civiqs will sometimes use third party services to obtain and validate demographic information. Additionally, Civiqs may share information with third parties to perform services on our behalf. We can and will use cookies to monitor website behavior as well as gather additional information about our users.

In the event that Civiqs, or some of its services are acquired, then the panel, data, and any related user information will be included in the transaction.

Civiqs uses the information we collect for research purposes only. The results of our surveys may be reported to third parties, including as the product of statistical models based on the survey data. Civiqs may also sell survey results or model output to third parties.

Panel members can unsubscribe from receiving invitation emails, and thereby leave the panel, at any time. To unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every email we send. There is no financial obligation upon either joining or unsubscribing from the Civiqs panel. If a panel member leaves the panel, Civiqs may retain and reuse the information provided by that individual while still a member of the panel.

Civiqs polls are open to all residents of the United States of America. Civiqs panel members must be at least 13 years old.

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